Cipla launches Niveoli™, India’s first extrafine ICS-LABA combination HFA inhaler

Press Release Cipla launches Niveoli™, India’s first extrafine ICS-LABA combination HFA inhaler  First extra-fine ICS-LABA combination to be launched in India  Novel targeted drug delivery to the small airways of OAD patients Mumbai, April 12, 2019 – Cipla Limited (BSE: 500087; NSE: CIPLA EQ; and hereafter referred to as “Cipla”) announces that it has launched Niveoli™, India’s first extra-fine particle beclomethasone-formoterol combination hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) inhaler for adults, targeting drug delivery to the small airways. Niveoli™ is a proprietary Cipla inhaler, and the latest offering from Cipla in respiratory inhalation therapy that addresses an unmet need associated with obstructive airway diseases (OAD) such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Asthma and COPD are lung conditions that affect the ability to breathe. Extensive research and an evolved understanding of the diseases over the years has shown the significant role of small airway disease in asthma and COPD. A recent meta-analysis showed that small airway disease is prevalent in 50-60% of asthma patients1 . Another study has indicated that routine lung function tests can underestimate problems in the small airways2 . Small airway disease is a common feature of COPD and gets worse with increasing severity of the condition3 . Niveoli™’s novelty and strength lies in HFA propelled delivery of extra-fine particles of beclomethasone, an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) and formoterol, a fast-onset long acting beta agonist (LABA) to the small airways. Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Chopra, Head – India business, Cipla, said, “Cipla is pleased to offer yet another milestone in respiratory inhalation therapy. Niveoli™ 1 Respir Med 2016; 116: 19-27 2 Respir Med 2013; 107: 1667-1674 3 Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2016; 194: 178-184 2 marks a first in acknowledging and addressing the issue of drug delivery to the small airways. Cipla has a long history of blazing the trail in innovations in combination formulations and drug-device combinations in the respiratory therapy, and Niveoli™ is a painstaking result of these strengths. Be it the transparent dry powder inhaler, the static-free spacer with valve mechanism, the mask-spacer combination for children or our novel breath-actuated inhaler with dose counter called Synchrobreathe™, the list is long. We see our market leadership as well as the range and depth of our R&D and manufacturing capabilities in this therapy as a privilege and a responsibility to do more for patients. In keeping with our purpose of ‘Caring for Life’, we are constantly studying OADs and working towards products that offer greater efficacy, ease of use and drug delivery to patients. I believe Niveoli™ represents a new paradigm in inhalation therapy.” About Cipla Limited: Established in 1935, Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company focused on agile and sustainable growth, complex generics, and deepening portfolio in our home markets of India, South Africa, North America, and key regulated and emerging markets. Our strengths in the respiratory, anti-retroviral, urology, cardiology and CNS segments are well-known. Our 44 manufacturing sites around the world produce 50+ dosage forms and 1,500+ products using cutting-edge technology platforms to cater to our 80+ markets. Cipla is ranked 3rd largest in pharma in India (IQVIA MAT Dec’18), 3rd largest in the pharma private market in South Africa (IQVIA YTD Dec’18), and is among the most dispensed generic players in the US. For over eight decades, making a difference to patients has inspired every aspect of Cipla’s work. Our paradigm-changing offer of a triple anti-retroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS at less than a dollar a day in Africa in 2001 is widely acknowledged as having contributed to bringing inclusiveness, accessibility and affordability to the centre of the movement. A responsible corporate citizen, Cipla’s humanitarian approach to healthcare in pursuit of its purpose of ‘Caring for Life’ and deep-rooted community links wherever it is present make it a partner of choice to global health bodies, peers and all stakeholders. For more, please visit, or click on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. 3 Corporate Communications Investor Relations Heena Kanal Naveen Bansal E-Mail: E-Mail: