Paediatric Asthma


School Program

Asthma is the most common reason for students’ absence from school. Our objective with school program is to create and raise awareness regarding asthma and identify the common triggers for the same. Kids spend more time with their teachers and peers than with their parents and school is a safe environment to educate and train teachers on identifying the triggers early on and referring them further. Doctors along with our breathe free educators conduct sessions on identifying triggers and encourage the students as well as academicians to reach out for medical help when needed. Lung function tests are also carried out single out the kids at risk. School Programs are a powerful tool for ensuring that children understand, help others around and continue leading healthy lives as they grow older.




Breathefree is a public service initiative from Cipla, for patients with chronic airway diseases. It was commenced on occasion of 75 years of Cipla. Breathefree, today, is a comprehensive patient support system for respiratory care.

Breathefree is committed to help patient with airway diseases like asthma, COPD and allergic rhinitis. It encompasses the complete patient journey in the areas of diagnosis, counselling and treatment adherence. Over the years, Breathefree has organized various programs and camps to create and raise awareness about how everyone with a breathing problem can live a normal and active life.

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Asthma Par Vijay (Winning with Asthma)

From episodes of breathlessness to playing football like any other kid, Zahan’s parents went through a turmoil of emotions when his breathing problems were not diagnosed correctly. Watch his story

‘Huf Puf kit’ received an award for 'Excellence in Packaging' by the SIES School of Packaging/ Packaging Technology Centre, which demonstrates our focus on superior and improved packaging standards.


What led to the creation of the Huf Puf Kit

"Sometime in 2007, I was at the Mumbai Airport, waiting for a flight, and I saw a mother sitting with her two kids. One of them looked ill, and I could see her breathing heavily. The kid had an asthma attack. The mother pulled out a ‘’spacer’’ and add-on device used to increase the ease of administering aerosolised medication and a mask from her bag. But the next moment I saw her fumbling to assemble both parts, both Cipla products. The child’s breathing was getting heavier, it was distressing. I was wondering how I could be of help and it led me to think – we are already making the spacer and the mask, why cant we make an integrated piece? That’s what led to the production of the Huf Puf kit in 2008. A first ready to use transparent unit comprising of a spacer and a mask in the country.”

- Geena Malhotra, Global Chief Technology Officer, Cipla


Continuing with our efforts to spread awareness and destigmatize the use of inhaler in kids we conduct mother forums across the country The mother forums are a testimonial sharing platform that will provide impetus and drive further awareness and create a supportive environment for parents whose kids suffer from asthma. With inhalers for kids, there is a need to create behavioural change within immediate family members and these mother forums provide support system for new mothers.


It takes a whole team of professionals to tend to a kid’s health care needs, and nurses are the corner stone that keep the health care system running. So it becomes an absolute necessity to enlighten the paramedics on basics on respiratory conditions in paediatrics along with training them to identify triggers, family history and also being hands on with devices. AAP KE SATH (Assistance in Asthma Program) is an in-service training of nurses in the paediatric clinics on role of devices and asthma basics in children. The paramedics are coached on respiratory essentials and also the trained to use diagnostic tools like BOM and BOT

Partnering with doctors

The crucial step in recommending inhalation therapy for a child rests in the hands of a paediatrician. And this is fulfilled only when the doctor has absolute confidence in writing an inhalation therapy and has adequate counselling skills We enable the doctor with numerous educational and hands on programs in upscaling their respiratory practise . Belief shift courses like casper and cases based trainings like Casper clinic empower the doctors in initiating inhalation therapy at his own clinics with much ease. Since its equally important to educate and train the upcoming young paediatricians, we run the invest in future module based learnings on paediatric asthma across medical colleges in the country. This acts like an hand holding program for the PG students once they start out independently to be fully equipped with the latest development in paediatric respiratory conditions

To create awareness on the correct use of inhalers, Cipla South Africa conceptualised a unique video series called Bronki Boosters to educate kids on how to use the inhalers correctly.

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