Nebulization is a common and alternative method of drug delivery to the lungs. It is largely used in clinical settings for the treatment of acute respiratory ailments as well as for the long-term treatment of obstructive airway diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.

With the aim to establish a case for judicious use of nebulization therapy and disseminate the right knowledge, Cipla has launched the patient-centric initiative called Good Nebulization Practice or simply GNP in 2012. GNP is a public service initiative from the house of Cipla and Breathefree, primarily for patients using nebulization therapy for the treatment of their obstructive airway diseases.

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Nebulization is safe, use with precautions: Expert

During these unprecedented times, a lot of misconceptions have arisen related to lung health and its treatment, including the role and use of nebulisation therapy. In view of this, Indian Chest Society (ICS), the apex body of pulmonologists in India, appointed a task force to gather all the updated available evidence to come out with a guidance document for physicians.

Safe Nebulization Practice

Sharing of nebulization accessories like facemask and mouthpiece is an unhygienic practice with a high-risk potential of spreading infection, and using your own personal mask or mouthpiece reduces this risk of infection. Therefore, we call on every healthcare professional to propagate judicious use of nebulization therapy through adherence to Good Nebulization Practice at every step of treatment. We strongly believe that when it comes to Caring for Life, we believe in the propagation of Safe Nebulization Practice.

GNP Respule Quality

Through our cutting-edge technology and widest range of drugs and devices in offer, GNP also aims to ensure optimum delivery of the medicine to the lungs. Our Respule Quality Video talks exclusively about Cipla’s respule story, from API to production to quality assurance; and the wide range of manufacturing precautions we take in providing you with a respule that is truly unlike any other.

Upgrading the Nebulization Ecosystem

Through in-clinic services like GNP Nebula and GNP Meet, we are dedicated to the mission of disseminating the right knowledge on nebulization.

Through our state-of-the-art GNP Neb-corners (digitally enabled kiosks for nebulization) and Nebulization Therapy Centres, Cipla has committed to provide healthcare professionals with the right environment for administering Nebulization. These kiosks are not only a one stop solution to meeting the infrastructural needs of the clinics, which help in ensuring proper posture of the patient while nebulizing, but are also interactive and digitally enabled to educate and engage the patient on relevant healthcare topics.