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About Easylax

Easylax is a laxative powered with Milk of Magnesia (MOM) and Liquid paraffin that softens hard stools and eases constipation.

Easylax relieves conditions like straining, hard stools, incomplete evacuations. Easylax prevents straining and offers soft and smooth bowel evacuations.

Easylax ®

MRP: ₹ 140.50

Country of Origin: India

Ingredients (Per 15ml contains):

  • Milk Of Magnesia

    11.25 ML

    Helps prevent dry and hard stools by retaining water and fat

  • Liquid Paraffin

    3.75 ML

    Draws water into the intestine to soften hard stools & provide gentle relief from constipation


  • Adults:

    ½ - 1

  • Children:

    As directed by
    the physician

  • Elderly:

    no need for
    dose reduction


Store at a temp not exceeding 30°C

Protect from light

How to use Easylax ?

Easylax is best taken at bedtime preferably with water or as advised by the physician Shake well before use


  • Prolonged use is not recommended
  • Keep out of reach of children

How Easylax Works ?

Milk of magnesia

Increases the water content of stool, thereby making itsofter and easier to pass1

Liquid paraffin

Softens hard stools2

Milk of magnesia & liquid paraffin

Together they can help improve bowel movement3



Inadequate water intake

Inactive lifestyle

Low-fibre diet intake

Unhealthy, irregular diet


Straining during motions

Bloating and discomfort

Incomplete evacuation and discomfor

Manufacturer and Marketer Address:

Cipla Ltd. Cipla House, Peninsula Business Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai -400012. l Website:


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