Cipla Generics

Cipla Generics started its journey in 1999 with a small team and three brands. Today, it has achieved a milestone of 14mn becoming one of India’s biggest generic pharmaceutical companies. .

Cipla Generics firmly stands on the ethos of ‘Caring for Life’ providing a wide range of medicines through a strong distribution channel to the remotest parts of the country.

The business’s goal is to reach every household in India which it continually achieves with strong commercial infrastructure, deepening presence across therapies and launch of multiple specialty in-licensed brands. Our investment in building robust supply chains has ensured coverage in Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns all the way up to remote corners of the country.

Driven by the ethos of ‘Caring for Life’, Cipla Generics provides a wide range of essential medicines to millions of people across the subcontinent. Our goal is to consistently reach every household in India through strong commercial infrastructures, deepening presence across therapies and the launch of specialty in-licensed brands. We ensure seamless coverage in the remotest corners of the country through our robust supply chains.

Over the years, the steady transfer of products from our branded portfolio to generics has helped us build patient-centric advantages to address the needs of multiple therapies. Today, Cipla Generics caters to Over 26 therapeutic categories that include 150+ brands and 11+ different dosage forms.

Cipla’s generics portfolio consists of acute and chronic therapies for patients across multiple age groups. We have a strong presence in anti-infectives, respiratory care, anti-ulcerate, cardio-Metabolic, pain & fever management, and vitamins & supplements to name a few.

With patients at the core, Cipla generics continues to grow, adding newer molecules to our range and using new-age technologies to make essential medicines easily accessible to all patients.