Stronger Together

Umang Vohra

May 4, 2021

When we were finishing last year, we were at quite a remarkable juncture - the vaccines were coming in, there were hardly any cases and the mood was very euphoric. And in just about 2 months the mood has changed. In the last three weeks, the COVID wave 2 has turned for the worst. Like many of you, I have had family members as well, who have been affected by COVID. Even many of my team members and their families are struggling with it. I think we have come to realize that this is a time, when we need to be more responsive as individuals, making that extra call to check in with them, to perhaps try and help and support these families. I would encourage all of you to provide that helpline, that support to anyone who is going through COVID.

From Cipla’s perspective, you have our commitment that we will do the best we can to help the nation tide over this pandemic. At our end, Cipla has continued its fight by making sure that we are doubling, tripling the capacity for drugs that we need to fight COVID. This is the least we can do as a company.

I am thankful to the entire Cipla network - to our manufacturing facilities, our partner networks and everyone who has relentlessly endeavoured towards this cause. I feel proud to be part of an organization that cares and feel humbled & grateful to be working amidst people, who have this level of empathy to respond to a crisis like this.

And amidst this crisis, we have witnessed several individuals and communities that have come into play, to support people in need. Heartfelt thanks to all on the frontline teams braving this pandemic to save lives. Individuals/communities/corporates stepping up to the cause – be it sourcing oxygen and supporting the healthcare infrastructure, or the Covid survivors donating plasma to help those battling for life and even those serving home-made meals for the home-quarantined families and distressed senior citizens. These action of compassion and empathy truly deserve a place in our history.

But one thing we have learned one thing about these cycles over the past few months - they hit you more intensely, but they also recede at a similar pace. So keep the hope, keep the fight on and let’s try and do this together. When you fight together, you fight better - the efforts are magnified. I know that after darkness there is light and we will soon begin to look a lot more hopeful about the future.

Until then, keep well, stay safe and take all precautions.