Give joy. Get joy – The circle of giving

Umang Vohra

October 15, 2021

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. - Sir James Matthew Barrie

It’s the onset of festivities across the world. Dawn of good tidings and joyfulness. The festive period is a great reminder of the values behind traditions. A time to get together, with loved ones, a time for new beginnings, a time to celebrate life!

It’s also a time to be grateful for all that we have. And we express that gratitude by sharing it with others around us, spreading the cheer. Of all the gifts to share, one of the most precious things you can give someone is your time.

These are simple actions but you can impact someone’s life forever. And with the year we’ve been through, we could all do with some kindness. Being grateful, showing kindness not only impacts others, but also brings about a sense of positivity in mental and physical well-being.

An example close at hand, is that of the ‘Cipla for Change’ a virtual volunteering platform enabling employees to support causes; irrespective of where they are located. Ciplaites wholeheartedly volunteered to support community initiatives related to the environment, education and caring for elders, with engaging activities.

Happiness multiplies when shared. Scriptures of all faiths fundamentally talk about love, kindness and the importance of giving and sharing. Whichever way you prefer, give you must. For truly, there is joy in giving.