Delivering the promise of freedom

Umang Vohra

May 5, 2020

From importing inhalers in the late 1950s, to pioneering its development and manufacture in India, we at Cipla are humbled and proud to have been able to help millions across the world to breathe better! Unmatched presence across the care continuum and the widest range of drug-device combinations has established Cipla’s position as a lung leader in India and other key emerging markets. The recent USFDA approval we received for generic Albuterol MDI and the successful completion of the Phase-3 clinical study of generic Advair Diskus® reiterates our commitment of strengthening our respiratory franchise and are an exemplary testament to Cipla’s strong respiratory capabilities.

According to the latest IMS study, Cipla is ranked amongst the Top 2 companies globally for DPI and MDI devices. With our borderless respiratory initiative and the slew of new devices launches, we are actively challenging No. 1 and are staying humble to that effort. Armed with this legacy, we have now embarked on a journey to solidify our position as lung leader globally.

Breathe. Think Cipla.

This is the positioning that we have internalised at Cipla towards our aspiration of becoming the lung leaders of the world. As leaders, we would take it upon ourselves to build the ecosystem and bring effective cure closer to the patients.

Today, the burden of respiratory ailments has engulfed the world and the recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the crucial role of our lungs in our overall well-being. As leaders, enabling Awareness, Prevention, Diagnosis and Care, especially in Access markets (those markets with largest respiratory burden) and helping evolve healthcare infrastructures across these countries becomes our core objective.