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Anti-Malarian Treatment Drugs - Cipla Pharmaceutical


It has always been our mission to reach out whenever there is a need. That’s why we are committed to fighting malaria, one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. It is a leading cause of death due to limited availability of anti-malarial drugs and accurate diagnosis.

Our fight against malaria goes back to World War II when we made quinine available to soldiers fighting in the eastern part of India. In the 1960s and 1970s, the incidence of malaria in India came down dramatically due to Government initiatives which used insecticides to kill the mosquito which carries the parasite that causes malaria. However, the mosquito developed resistance to insecticides and the malaria parasite to chloroquine. In order to counter this, we relaunched quinine, one of the most potent and effective anti-malaria drugs. Since then, we have made a significant contribution of anti-malarial products, not just to India, but to the world. We are one of the largest suppliers of anti-malarial drugs in the world.


Some of our highlights:

  • We manufacture a range of Artemisinin-based products such as Artemether/Lumefantrine, Artesunate/Amodiaquine and Artemether/Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine, both as combination products and co-packaged kits.
  • We don’t just manufacture formulations, but are pre-qualified by WHO to manufacture our own APIs for anti-malarial products: Artemether, Lumefantrine, Artesunate.
  • Due to the additional WHO pre-qualified sites, we have huge capacities to meet international requirements for malaria products.
  • We are the only Indian company to have entered into a joint venture with a company in an African country, Uganda, to manufacture Artemether + Lumefantrine.
  • We are one of the proud partners of 'The Global Fund' in which we are the major supplier of malaria products to Africa.
  • Our future products in the pipeline are Artesunate/Amodiaquine bilayered tablets, Artemether/Lumefantrine dispersible tablets and Artesunate/Mefloquine tablets.
  • Our anti-malarial drugs are exported to several countries.

The journey doesn’t end here. We will continue the fight against malaria and the emerging resistant strains with new products at affordable prices.