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Infectious Diseases Medicines / Drugs - Cipla Pharmaceutical

Cipla provides a range of medicines to fight all kinds of infections, be it bacterial, viral or fungal. We make anti-infectives available and affordable for all.

Some of our highlights in critical care:

  • We launched Tazobactam + Pipercillin which became a market leader.
  • We produced Colistin, a first in India and a big help for the medical fraternity when it comes to MDR gram negative infections.
  • We introduced Vancomycin in oral form to help patients suffering from CDI, a rare but potentially dangerous infective diarrhea which occurs in hospitalized patients.
  • We established the concept of a right ratio (2:1) with the launch of Cefoperazone and Sulbactum.
  • We introduced Liposomal Amphoteracin B, a novel drug delivery system.

With the launch of Paracetamol Infusion, we entered the area of pain management as well. It was produced in an innovative LDPE pack which was much more convenient compared to the glass vial used so far.