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The range of Metered-Dose Inhaler devices

Cipla MDIs are designed to deliver accurate and consistent dosing by using the most sophisticated metered dose valves, canisters and actuators.

The Autohaler is a new advance in MDI therapy. It is a unique Breath-Actuated Inhaler (BAI) and overcomes the key problem of the MDI, which is co-ordination of actuation with inhalation. It can be activated at low inspiratory flow rates and can be easily used by children and by those who suffer airflow obstruction and arthritis. Cipla is the first company in the world to market combination therapy through the Autohaler.

Range of Spacers and related devices

Spacers (sometimes also called holding chambers) are devices that hold the medication for a few seconds after it has been released from the MDI.

They overcome the ‘co-ordination’ problem and also slow down the aerosol spray before it reaches the mouth, thus allowing the propellants to evaporate and larger particles to settle in the spacer. This reduces the incidence of oral thrush and the amount of drug that is swallowed, thus minimising side-effects.

The Zerostat Spacer is a static-free, non-transparent spacer without a valve. Being static-free it results in much higher drug deposition and enhances the effectiveness of MDI therapy.

The Zerostat VT Spacer is a unique transparent, static-free spacer with a valve. It ensures that more quantity of the drug reaches the lungs following inhalation, with the result that patients receive a high and consistent quantity of medication, dose after dose.

The Babymask and Infantmask make it easy to deliver inhaled medicines to young children using an inhaler and a spacer device. It is made of comfortable, soft, clear silicon and is reusable. It fits snugly and is also equipped with an exhalation vent for easy breathing.

The Huf Puf Kit consists of a Zerostat VT Spacer attached to a Babymask and can be used with any Cipla MDI. It is easy-to-use with no need to dismantle and re-assemble the kit every time. It has an attractive and child-friendly pack and is convenient to carry.

All our devices have obtained CE certification and help the world breathe better.

1 - Rotahaler is a trademark used in India only. Outside India it is known as DPhaler.

2 - Imported from 3M Pharmaceuticals, UK.