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API Development

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - API

Cipla’s mission of providing affordable medicines across many therapeutic areas globally is duly supported by the relentless efforts of a team of more than 300 dedicated and talented scientists.

Cipla houses state-of-the-art research facilities for its API process development at three locations in India, with dedicated teams working on synthetic, organic chemistry, process engineering and analytical development at multiple locations.

  • API pipeline consists of 75+ complex developments in the therapy areas of Oncology, Hep C, ARV, Diabetology, CVS, CNS, Respiratory etc.
  • Cipla uses latest technologies like process analytical technology, continuous flow reactors for process development.
  • The products are developed using principles of quality by design, incorporating design of experiments (DOE) to develop robust and cost effective processes.
  • API R&D has dedicated oncology and polypeptide development labs.
  • The API Integrated Product Development (IPD) team has rolled out a programme for adopting principles of Green Chemistry with a vision for developing processes that are friendly to the environment, like use of enzymatic transformations, reducing waste generation and recycling of suitable inputs.
  • Highly experienced analytical research development team houses instrumentation like NMR, LC-MS-MS, GC-MS, PXRD, single crystal XRD etc.

Our capabilities are limitless-from development of a simple achiral molecule to highly complex multi chiral centres molecule with a distinction of affordability and highest quality.


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