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Cipla Global Access

Since its inception, Cipla’s ethos has been firmly rooted in the vision- ‘Caring for life’. The Company strongly believes that access to high quality, affordable medicines is a basic human right. Cipla Global Access (CGA) is an international tender-based institutional business that concentrates on five key therapy areas: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Multi drug resistant tuberculosis, Hepatitis-C and Reproductive health. Cipla is among the leading manufacturers of Antiretroviral drugs in the world. In 2001, Cipla was the first pharmaceutical company to supply Anti-retrovirals (ARVs) to countries with a high HIV burden at less than a dollar a day. Today, Cipla has the highest number of Anti-retroviral products approved for the treatment of both children and adults. In order to meet the growing demand for ARV products, the Company augmented production capacity significantly during the financial year. A novel formulation of Lopinavir/Ritonavir as pellets was approved by the US FDA in June 2015 and is now available in over 10 countries. With increasing acceptance of the formulation, Cipla is expanding current capacities to meet the demand and to ensure accessibility.

In parallel to this development, Cipla is also developing a 4-in-1 HIV formulation for children which could be sprinkled over food. Cipla is also one of the largest suppliers of anti-malarial drugs in the world. This portfolio covers treatment for over 100 million malaria patients across all the affected countries. Cipla’s anti-malarial treatment costs less than a dollar for the entire course of adult treatment. Cipla has always been at the forefront in initiatives to identify, develop, manufacture and supply low cost treatment with Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (ACTs). Going forward, the Company will endeavour to expand its portfolio to include more potent and safer anti-malarials, using novel drug delivery systems, such as Rectal Artesunate which is now available for supplies to high malaria burdened countries. Rectal Artesunate is indicated in cases of severe malaria in children between six months to six years of age. It is a life-saving drug in cases where there are no health facilities offering parenteral treatment. Reproductive health and family planning is an emerging segment. Cipla has aligned its strategy with international development initiatives to provide safe and effective contraceptive drugs to enable reach to over 120 million women.

Cipla Global Access also caters to the developing world requirement for essential medications for infections caused by helminths, schistosomiasis and kala azar, which pose major health threats in low and middle income countries (LMIC). Cipla, as part of its access initiatives signed various nonexclusive, royalty-based/free-licensing agreements with innovator companies. It allows for the manufacturing of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished formulations of Anti-retrovirals and drugs for treatment of Hepatitis-C, a silent killer which till the introduction of the current treatment was difficult and expensive to treat. Cipla has developed and fostered robust relationships with all the major global organisations, regulatory bodies, public institutions and funding agencies that work towards this common cause. Additionally, the Company has partnered with several global scientific research organisations to develop innovative, effective and affordable formulations for these therapeutic areas.