Palliative Care

The Cipla Palliative Care and Training Centre was established in 1997 as a home, rather than a hospital, to provide tender and loving care, free of cost, for the terminally ill cancer patients. Spread across a radius 40 kms in Warje, Pune, the Palliative Care and Training Centre comprises 50 beds in four wards towards complete home based cancer care.

At the Centre, there are no bed numbers; patients are known by their names. The doctors and nurses are not in uniforms; they wear warm smiles. And the Centre adopts a personalized, holistic approach to improve lives of patients and their families.

With focus on living each day to the fullest, besides managing their pain, the Centre treats the patients with meditation, yoga, laughter therapy sessions and creative activities of their choice.

A dedicated team of caregivers also extend help to the patient’s relatives, to whom they provide free counseling and training to look after their loved ones.

Apart from training doctors, nurses and medical social workers from across India, the Centre provides free treatment and has touched more than 11,000 lives, by far.