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Vision & Mission

Since its inception in 1935, ‘Caring for Life’ has been at the forefront of the business philosophy of Cipla Limited (‘Cipla’ or ‘the Company’) and remains an important driver for doing business. This philosophy is seamlessly integrated into Cipla’s people, products and processes. The CSR strategy of the organization is incorporated into and is an intrinsic part of its business strategy. The initiatives taken by the Company as a part of its various CSR programmes, effectively contribute to developing a sustainable and resilient community.

CSR at Cipla is driven by a ‘principled approach’. The principled approach emanates as a working philosophy of the organization to conduct and govern itself in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner. Business understands its responsibility towards all the stakeholders in the society, especially those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized. The Company supports and creates projects around themes, with a focus on inclusive growth and equitable development.

Keeping in mind other international CSR initiatives, the Social Charter of the Government of India, and the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, Cipla has always worked towards enhancing access and allocation of resources to the disadvantaged and marginalized groups of the society. Cipla has identified the following themes to make a difference and effectively contribute to the society.

  • Health and sanitation
  • Education
  • Environment sustainability
  • Rural development and creation of livelihood opportunities; and
  • Others including addressing social inequalities.

The CSR Policy of Cipla has been framed and made applicable in accordance with Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 (“Act”) read with the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 (“CSR Rules”) as amended from time-to-time. The Policy shall apply to the CSR Committee and all CSR projects/programmes undertaken by the Company in accordance with Schedule VII of the Act.

With CSR themes clearly outlined and entrusted, Cipla works towards achieving these themes through the implementation of long term projects. These projects are identified across various operational units of the Company, based on the needs of the society, and the philosophy of maximizing impact.

Drivers of these various programs (which fall within the broad themes outlined above) include:

  • Enhanced access to healthcare;
  • Increased affordability of healthcare;
  • Better infrastructure and improvement of healthcare facilities;
  • Creating awareness regarding healthcare;
  • Promoting education;
  • Enhanced infrastructure and facility improvement of schools;
  • Training on vocational skills;
  • Environment sustainability; and
  • Community development.