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  • Message from the Executive Vice-Chairman's Desk

    "Given our growth ambitions within the context of an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, we needed to step back and clearly articulate these First Principles. It tries to capture the essence of what we are and what we seek to be. Understood clearly and institutionalised deeply across the company, it will help us reinforce our OneCipla spirit"

    Samina VaziralliExecutive Vice-Chairman
  • Message from the MD & Global CEO's Desk

    "Every great company has an enduring purpose. Our purpose, a simple yet powerful premise is Caring for life. We believe that our patients put their healthcare needs in our hands and rely on us for quality & affordable medicines. It is this noble and uplifting purpose that each of us come to work for in Cipla. Directly or indirectly, each of us contribute so meaningfully to making a difference in the lives of people we serve"

    Umang VohraMD & Global CEO

We are a

  • Purpose – Inspired
  • Responsibility – Centered
  • Innovation – Driven
  • Excellence – Focussed
  • Integrity & Trust – Anchored

Global pharmaceutical firm that consistently Cares for Life and delivers on its commitment to all our stakeholders- patients, regulators, customers, partners, employees, investors and community.


#Purpose Inspired

Our Purpose lies at the centre of all our thoughts and plans and drives our actions. In being purpose inspired, we look at actions and solutions that are sustainable and lead to ‘Caring for Life’

Cipla has been built brick by brick, on the foundation of Care.We are driven by this purpose – a purpose that is 82 years young

Samina Vaziralli

Executive Vice Chairman, On Purpose Inspired

Kedar Upadhye

Global Chief Finance Officer, On Responsibility Centered

#Responsibility Centered

We need to be accountable for our actions and results —to share the credit and shoulder the blame. It is important for us to give others the responsibility and opportunity for success. We must act with an owner’s mindset and behave with Cipla’s long-term success in mind.

#Innovation Driven

Innovation is a critical component in improving individual and organizational performance. Innovation is more radical and transformational than improvement. We need self-induced passion, a desire to challenge convention and reinvent the way we do business to win in the marketplace.

Geena Malhotra

Global Head Integrated Product Development, On Innovation Driven

Dr. Ranjana Pathak

Global Head – Quality, On Excellence Focused

#Excellence Focused

We want to set the gold standard in performance by going above and beyond what is expected. Having a desire to excel, makes us refuse mediocrity and not settle for anything average. Excellence requires us to benchmark our performance rigorously versus the very best internally and externally.

#Integrity & Trust-Anchored

Trust and integrity are the sum of all the decisions each of us makes every day. We must do the right thing in the right way even when no one is watching. Our interactions with each other and the outside world are built on trust. Integrity and trust form the bedrock for building high performance organizations.

Prabir Jha

Global Chief People Officer, On Integrity & Trust-Anchored

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