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Social responsibility has been at the core of Cipla, since inception. Cipla Foundation takes the company’s socially conscious legacy forward through initiatives in:

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A huge shout out to everyone who participated in this year’s Youth Day Miles for Smiles Beach run. Your participation is definitely going to put a smile on a lot of children’s faces.
#MileforSmiles #Cipla #YouthDay #Miltons #MakeADifference
@puneetmohan06 Hi, please DM us your contact details along with your location and the product batch number. Our team will assist you.
Thank you for joining us! Passion of Cipla volunteers like you goes a long way in driving social change.
A CDC report found that suicides rates were highest for women working in arts, design, entertainment and media. These fields have the second highest risk of suicide for men. #CannesLions #MentalHealthMatters #ItsOkNotToBeOk #MentalHealth
'Technology is the great equaliser.' Talking at the @Cannes_Lions about how AI can be used to assist people, in this case visually impaired students, and make their lives better. #humancare #digitalhealth #technology
We asked you all to Say #NoToTobacco in the most creative ways and guess what, the responses we have received are hilarious. Check out the video and tell us which one do you think is the funniest.​
A myriad set of tiki-taka moments and a whole lot of summer fun! Aptly sums up the cross-functional project experiences of the Cipla_Alive #SummerInterns Batch of 2019.
Cipla is with Soumya Subrahmanyam and Anupam Hans.
Photos from Cipla's post Glimpses from the new office inauguration of Cipla (China) Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in Shanghai.
Cipla Digital Conclave - Kedar Upadhye "It's a step further towards realising our vision of a future-ready Cipla." - Kedar Upadhye shares his experience at the Cipla #DigitalConclave