Leader's Speak


“ I want to extend a very special thank you to all those in our manufacturing plants, in our R&D labs, sales depots, on the field, admin, IT, Security, CMOs and our COVID task force. My heartfelt thank you.”

Samina Hamied
Executive Vice-Chairperson


“We appreciate and acknowledge your dedication to Cipla. We thank you and your families for your support, cooperation, trust and confidence in Cipla and assure you that we stand with you and your families in this critical period.”

Dr. Raju Mistry
President & Global Chief People Officer


Precautionary Measures for Employees


Work from home mandate was issued 10 days prior to lockdown


Hand sanitisers and N95 Masks were distributed to all employees


Travel advisory issued restrictions on corporate travel since Jan 2020


Flu injection for staff in South Africa



Upskilling via e-learning during lockdown

  • 12,180 Unique users
  • 147K Learning Hours
  • 2098 Unique Courses

Special care at Manufacturing sites & Sales depots


Temperature check at entrance of company premises


Protective gear even for non-sterile sections 


Sanitisation hubs at multiple locations across facility


Meetings conducted with social distancing


Free food provided at work and food vouchers given for families.


Special Medical Insurance for Contractual Workers


RFID cards replace biometric login at entry points


Santisation of employee transportation


Mock disaster plans put in place


Regular fogging at premises to protect and ensure safety of our essential staff


Quarantine Diaries

Glimpses of how Ciplaites are embracing the new normal.

Quarantine activities for our employees


Cipla South Africa organised an hour of free online comedy to ease the cabin fever

Cipla Sri Lanka organised an Online Magic Session to kick in those endorphins


Cipla South Africa has partnered with some South African comedians to help raise awareness about the importance of seeking help for those feeling stressed, anxious and a sense of isolation during the lockdown. Help is available and #ItsOkayNotToBeOkay.