Within health, palliative care remains one of our key focus areas. Since 1997, the Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre, Pune has been providing free-of-cost care to cancer patients and their loved ones. Beyond the Centre, we also partner with organizations across India to create access to palliative care services and train professionals in this specialised line of care.

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We are responding to the growing burden of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – recognized as one of the five surging non-communicable diseases in India that need urgent action.


Indians suffers from Respiratory Disorders



Together with Government Medical College, Chandrapur (Maharashtra) and Ambuja Cement Foundation we have rolled out India’s first community based intervention for the diagnosis and management of COPD.

Training of Sakhis (frontline workers) – to include COPD and Asthma into their existing health interventions with the community.

We are like the health brigade for the community and it is satisfying to see people listen to our advice. Especially for respiratory care, there is a lot of awareness that needs to be done. We are also being trained to do basic diagnosis of cases who need to be referred for timely medical support, which is most helpful.

Seema Tai

Sakhi (frontline healthcare worker), Chandrapur






Since 2017, we have been supporting Asthma Bhavan, Jaipur to spearhead a study across India in collaboration with the Global Asthma Network – the world’s leading institute for Asthma management with a presence in 137 countries.

Findings will be released in FY 2020 and aim to inform policy and educate healthcare practitioners in the treatment and management of Asthma.

Asthma Bhawan has been actively involved in the issues surrounding respiratory ailments for almost 15 years. This includes public health messaging as well as ensuring that more and more people understand the causes as well as prevention of respiratory conditions like Asthma. We are proud to have a like-minded partner like Cipla Foundation for whom, public health issues are always at the core. We appreciate Cipla Foundation’s efforts in supporting public health research as well as standing by patients which goes long way in ensuring access for appropriate health care.

Dr. Virendra Singh

Director of Asthma Bhawan, India’s leading hospital for Asthma providing care to marginalized patients and communities


Maharashtra | Madhya Pradesh | Punjab | Rajasthan


To enhance knowledge of healthcare practitioners about respiratory conditions, we are developing 3 Medical Colleges as CoEx for Obstructive Airway Diseases in Maharashtra


  • Upgradation of practices and infrastructure
  • Training of doctors
  • Research in Asthma and COPD


Strengthening respiratory care in public health facilities and hospitals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan


  • Diagnosis and treatment facility for respiratory disorders in Dhar (Madhya Pradesh), Chandrapur (Maharashtra), Jaipur & Chomu (Rajasthan)


Training of existing practitioners including ASHA workers, nurses and doctors in Punjab


  • Infrastructure upgrade of drugs & devices for diagnosis & treatment
  • Population level screening, early detection & referral
  • Follow up for diagnosed cases


We aim to improve the health status of communities around Cipla units and meet underserved health needs of marginalized groups.

We focus on the most vulnerable including women, children, elderly and individuals with disabilities

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Since 2014, we have been supporting Mobile Healthcare Units (MHU) in partnership with HelpAge India to provide free-of-cost care especially to women, children and the elderly.

A network of five MHUs drive quality health services to the most remote villages and slums around Cipla manufacturing units.

Addressing needs in Primary Healthcare, Hypertension, Diabetes, Respiratory Disorders, Arthritis, Water Borne Diseases and more

People in villages eagerly wait for the health van. It’s like we are a part of their family now. The van has brought a lot of convenience to people who would otherwise find it difficult to get timely medical help. We feel so proud that even during Covid, we continued to reach patients in remote locations.

Mohan S. Deshmane

Social Protection Officer, MHU Kurkumbh

IN 2019-20

Free-of-cost Health Check-ups Done

Health Camps Supported

Awareness Sessions Rolled Out



Health Opportunities for Prevention & Empowerment

Guided by the belief that sustained health awareness and community engagement creates positive health seeking behaviour, we have brought together HelpAge India and Americares India Foundation, to improve health outcomes of communities around Patalganga (Maharashtra). Detailed sessions have been conducted by trained community health workers on diabetes, hypertension and respiratory issues, and on empowering communities to leverage government health schemes.


In 2019-20

Participants Reached Through BCC*

Training Sessions Conducted Through BCC*

Students Screened For Repiratory Ailments

* Behaviour Communication Change (BCC)


Infrastructure Support

Making quality healthcare accessible in remote communities by supporting medical equipment in district hospitals in Kurkumbh and Sikkim. Over 1,50,000 patients have benefitted through this initiative so far.

Dental Camps

Specialized dental camps conducted in remote government schools in Sikkim. The camps reached out to over 1,550 students across 30+ government schools.


Rare Needs Care – Our work in Thalassemia, a neglected disorder, is part of Cipla’s legacy commitment to orphan diseases that we are proud to uphold and grow.

We partner with organizations in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.

We have supported the setting up of India’s first-of-its kind Comprehensive Thalassemia Care Pediatric Haematology – Oncology and BMT Center in Borivali, Mumbai.

The first ever HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation) at our Borivali Center, for our thalassemic child, was made possible with support from Cipla Foundation. This life-giving treatment is like a ray of hope for children and their families, giving them the chance to live a fuller and healthier life.

Dr. Mamta Manglani

Director MCGM – Comprehensive Thalassemia Care, Pediatric Hematology - Oncology & BMT Center, Borivali

IN 2019-20

Life Saving Bone Marrow Transplant Surgeries Supported

Blood Transfusions Supported


We have supported Ummeed Training Center to advance the upskilling of professionals and caregivers. Ummeed now serves with the ‘Ummeed way’ philosophy of training and aims to enable better understanding and integration of disability into programmes run by governments, corporates, healthcare practitioners and the community at large.


In 2019-20

Professionals Trained At The Centre

Children With Disability Reached

Children with disabilities need timely diagnosis, specialised care and hands on management. The way to make a difference is by building capacity in a range of stakeholders – from parents to community health workers to paediatricians and Cipla Foundation has helped us achieve this with the Ummeed Training Center.

Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy

Founder & Executive Director, Ummeed Child Development Center


In line with the WHO global campaign ‘Finding the Missing Millions’, we have been supporting Liver Foundation in Sonarpur West Bengal to run awareness, screening, diagnosis and vaccination campaigns in villages of Purulia and Birbhum districts in West Bengal.

Access to right information as well as prevention through timely vaccination are key to eliminate viral Hepatitis – an imperceptible and frequently progressive disease which silently degrades human health and claims more than 1 million lives each year. Liver Foundation is actively pursuing the global mission of “Eliminate Hepatitis” and going into remote villages of West Bengal to reach marginalised communities. Liver Foundation is glad to have the support of like-minded partners like Cipla Foundation in this global campaign of ‘Finding the missing millions’

Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury

Public health professional, Clinical professor and Chair of Liver Disease, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Kolkata


  • 84% of total population screened in Katabuni village, Birbhum district in West Bengal for Hepatitis B 84% 84%
  • Out of which 92% population vaccinated for second dosage 92% 92%
  • 100% of total population screened in Sitarampur village, Purulia district in West Bengal for Hepatitis B 100% 100%
  • Out of total screened, 56% received 3rd dosage vaccination & project continues 56% 56%

Cipla Foundation sees value in strengthening public health systems to provide quality services to vulnerable populations and empowering communities to address their own health needs. These shared values have built a strong partnership as we walk together to save lives of the most vulnerable mothers and new born babies.

Vanessa D'Souza

CEO, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)


Since 2016, we have been working with SNEHA Mumbai to support an innovative model to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality in Mumbai slums.

The project includes:

  • Forming health communities to create awareness and make women the agents of change
  • Training link workers to identify pregnant women and monitor their follow up
  • Strengthening health posts by training of health post staff
  • Creating and monitoring referral linkages between primary, secondary and tertiary health care settings

In 2019-20

Connects Established With The Community

People Directly Benefited


Care and relief for chronic Asthma

Balaram Patil, 68 years, was diagnosed with Asthma at a private hospital but due to financial issues he was unable to get adequate treatment. For the past two years he has been getting medical support through the Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU), with regular visits and free-of-cost Asthma medication. His Asthma is now under control, and he is feeling better. In addition, the MHU team went a step further and informed Balram about a government scheme for Old Age Pension. They also helped him with the required paperwork. Today, Balram lives a healthier and happier life.

Free-of-cost medicines and care for diabetes

Nirmala Jadhav, 52 years, started getting health complications because of her diabetes but could not afford the treatment in a private hospital. Her joint pain prevented her from walking one hour to reach the nearest public health clinic. When the Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) first drove into Nirmala’s village, she finally found a ray of hope. For the last four years, she has been getting medications from the MHU team and feels at ease now thanks to the continued care and support.

Timely advice for healthy pregnancy

Pranita Bhosale, 24 years, from Patalganga did not know the kind of care needed during her pregnancy. She was three months pregnant but had not taken a sonography, nor an HB test and was underweight. The healthcare workers from the Americares India Foundation, under their HOPE project met her and explained the kind of care that was needed, and encouraged her to take important next steps. After the initial intervention, Pranita started following a nutritious diet and going to a doctor regularly for check ups. She has a healthy baby now.

Living a thalassemia free life

At the age of one, Vihan Dhepe was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. He was then referred to Arpan Blood Bank at Vile Parle for regular blood transfusion. However, other complications and strain of frequent travel did not allow Vihan to have normal life. When Vihan was two and a half years old, his parents decided to opt for the curative BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) surgery. Since it was too expensive, they approached the Borivali BMT Centre and Cipla Foundation for financial assistance for the procedure. In few months time, the surgery was successful and Vihan, now 5 years, is living a Thalassemia-free life.




To respond to health needs of communities during the pandemic, we have been working with government, public health institutions, research institutes, healthcare workers and vulnerable patients on different fronts.

We have also been supporting our partners who continue to serve communities during Covid.




In partnership with HelpAge India, the Mobile Healthcare Units are reaching remote locations with medicines for patients with chronic conditions.

From April to July 2020

Free-of-cost Consultations


Restarting medicines for chronic health conditions

 Mr. Ramchander, 70-years, is a farmer and has been using the services of the Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) for over a year. When the MHU had to temporarily stop services due to the lockdown, he was short of medications for his high blood pressure and diabetes. He visited the nearest health centre but was unable to get admission and check-up. As a result, he went without medication for a week. When the MHU staff visited his house, they found him in a weakened condition and since then have been supporting him in this difficult time.

Finding care and comfort once again

 Dhapu Bai, an 85-year-old from Sulawaad, comes from a low income farming family. She has been bedridden because of her arthritis and also lives with high blood pressure and diabetes for which she depends on free-of-cost care and medicines from the Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU). When the lockdown restricted her access to the MHU, she consulted a local doctor, who provided her with expensive medicines. To save money, Dhapu Bai began to take only half the required dosage which worsened her condition. It was only when the MHU restarted and the team visited her home that she could get back to the much needed care and medication.

Locked down of options but not care

10 year old Chaitrali lives with Thalassemia. Her father regularly takes her to the Cipla Foundation supported Arpan Thalassemia Day Care Centre in Nashik for blood transfusion. However, the nationwide lockdown restricted their travel leaving them helpless and with no means to visit Nashik. Cipla Foundation & Arpan Thalassemia Society immediately came together and arranged for her to visit a transfusion facility close to their home in Vile Parle, Mumbai so she could continue getting the care she needs.


Supported the set-up of a 24/7 Covid Testing Laboratory at JJ Hospital, Mumbai by providing testing kits. 

60,000+ tests done as of July 2020

The first-of-its-kind public private large scale Covid testing drive in India. Together with Citibank we are rolling out free-of-cost RT-PCR Covid testing for marginalized patients in Maharashtra. The initiative supports the pandemic control efforts of National Health Mission (Government of Maharashtra) and State Municipal Corporations.

50,000+ tests done as of July 2020 in 26 hospitals across 17 districts

A unique partnership with CSIR-IICT (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Indian Institute of Chemical Technology) to support development and production of India’s first-of-its-kind high quality affordable face mask, SAANS.

“Cipla has made exceptional contributions over the past decades to serve the nation with affordable healthcare. With this unique industry and CSIR-IICT collaboration, we are paving a path towards building Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Dr. Shekhar C Mande
Secretary, DSIR & Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi

We have supported the set-up of Maharashtra’s only Covid Isolation Ward for pediatric patients at B. J. Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai in partnership with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

1000+ children, including 110+ Covid positive patients have been served as of July 2020.

Supporting public health and charitable hospitals as well as local administration to safeguard frontline health workers and service providers (doctors, nurses, ASHA and Aanganwadi workers) by providing masks, gloves, PPE kits, sanitizers, hygiene kits, etc.

From April to July 2020, we have distributed:

Masks & Face Shield – 1,32,000+ 

Gloves – 16,200+

Food Packets – 9200+

 PPE Kits – 8000+

Connecting doctors and healthcare workers to AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences) & ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) led online knowledge network on Covid through ECHO India – a digital platform to share information and best practices.

Over 3,00,000 health workers trained through 1000+ sessions till July 2020

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1 India Health of Nation’s State Report 2017