Caring for Life
The Cipla Story
Since 1935

A book that embodies Cipla’s core purpose while tracing the company’s evolution from humble beginnings in a rented bungalow in the heart of Bombay to the significant global player that it has become today. With over 350 rich photographs, it chronicles Cipla’s seminal role in the evolution of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The book expresses the company’s compassionate approach to medicine and health care that goes beyond the pursuit of profit and growth - the force impelling Cipla’s history over the years.

Discover Cipla’s
85-year legacy

Whether it be the introduction of Respiratory products as early as the 1960s or the paradigm changing offer of the triple drug anti-retroviral combination for HIV/AIDS at $1-a-day, Cipla never lost sight of its deeply cherished credo of making its business a force for good. Take a glimpse at these stories and many more anecdotes from Cipla's legacy.


We have come a long way over the past 85 years, making a lasting impact on millions of lives, anchored by our purpose of Caring For Life. But what would it take to uphold this legacy for the next 85 years?
Dr. Y. K Hamied takes a walk down memory lane - sharing his experience on working with his father, Dr. K. A. Hamied and how he overcame challenges - all in an effort to make healthcare accessible to all.



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Chandru Chawla, a pharma veteran, reviews the the book titled 'Caring for Life : The Cipla Story', written by Tulsi Vatsal on the journey of Cipla over eight decades and reminisces on the role of Cipla's founder and its subsequent leaders in making India not only self-reliant in medicine but also the 'Pharmacy of the world'.

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It’s wonderful that our Cipla history has at last been documented for everyone to read and reflect on. This book encapsulates the intrepid vision of our founders, the hard work of our employees and invaluable partnerships over the years. It’s also a reminder of our continued vision of “Caring for life” and making a difference in patients’ lives. 

Paul Miller

CEO, Cipla South Africa & Regional Head Africa and Access

For me Cipla is not a company but a hallowed institution in service to humanity and therefore it has a very special place in my heart. It is matter of great pride and privilege for me to be a part of this institution. This book is a chronicle of what makes a company great, to preserve the purpose, culture and ethos for more than eight decades – this is no mean task.

Dr. Raju Mistry

Global Chief People Officer, Cipla

This book by Tulsi Vatsal is an inspiring look into Cipla's 85 years of #caringforlife legacy. Not many know that Cipla's founder (Dr. KA Hamied) was inspired by Gandhiji's visit to Cipla offices in 1939 and made the commitment that "never again will India be starved of essential drugs". Everyone today proudly knows that India is called 'pharmacy of the world', but only few may know that Cipla was perhaps one of the earliest pioneers in helping India achieve this status. Like all success stories (US$7bn market cap, 25000 employees, 80 countries, 1500 products today), it is not just the celebration of one organization, but of the passion, innovation, hope and resilience of all entrepreneurs.

Nishant Saxena

Head - Emerging Markets and Europe, Cipla

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