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An organisation with a diverse talent pool not only makes for good social sense but also makes for perfect business sense

Samina Hamied, Executive Vice-Chairperson, Cipla, talks about leading from the front, building an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace, making Cipla future-ready and more in an exclusive interview with Ashwini Prakash, Managing Partner India, Asia Pacific Lead – Pharma, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Consumer products, Stanton Chase India.

How To Take Charge Of Your Respiratory Health

Whether you are in perfect health, or you are living with a lung condition such as Asthma or COPD, there is a lot you can do to protect your lungs and thereby maintain your overall health and well-being.

How Cipla Is Shaping Lung Leadership Beyond Asthma, AMR Plans

CEO Umang Vohra outlines where Cipla is heading in its priority areas of lung route therapies and antimicrobial resistance. He also weighs in on the simmering issue of intellectual property waivers for COVID-19 vaccines.

Healthy growth in India business | Umang Vohra, MD & Global CEO, Cipla

In Q1, Cipla’s sales came in at Rs 5,504 crore versus Rs 4,346 crore, up 27% YoY. Adjusted PAT at Rs 839 crore vs Rs 571 crore and EBITDA at Rs 1,345 crore vs Rs 1,048 crore. The company also reported 51% YoY growth in domestic secondary Rx sales and Q1 primary India domestic sales grew by 47% YoY.

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Hear it from the Cipla-ites!

César Useros Cubo
Cipla Europe, Spain

I was impressed by Cipla´s quest of making it possible for everyone to have access to the most advanced medicines manufactured in world-class factories. As we could see in our virtual visit, The Cipla Palliative Care Project is an initiative that defines Cipla’s focus on human values and devotion towards humankind’s welfare. I totally identify with Cipla´s business model, and I am proud to be part of a company that takes responsibility of the society’s well-being and leads by an example.

César Useros Cubo

Cipla Europe, Spain

My journey with Cipla began in October 2019 and after joining I realized that the work environment and culture here is excellent. A huge pharmaceutical company, with a diversified work force and good policies makes Cipla a perfect employer of choice for me. During this pandemic, I really appreciate Cipla’s team for taking care of all employees and their families by providing medicines, arranging hospital beds and hotel for quarantine. In case of any untimely death, the kind of financial, medical and educational support is provided to employee’s family is really unbelievable.

Dr. Arijit Das

IPD, Mumbai

I feel immense pride to be a part of this leading multinational pharmaceutical company that’s always been at the forefront of science and technology while tirelessly serving the society. Here, the leaders lead by example: inspiring, guiding and mentoring us along the way. Our culture and CSR activities are a true example of how a successful business can also be a face of humanity. My personal encounter with a stranger thanking and blessing me profusely for the noble work carried out at Cipla Palliative Care division, made me realise how great yet humble my organisation is.

Trupti Tol

IPD, Mumbai

Cipla holds a special place in my life – both professionally and personally. It's an organization where you can plan your long innings of growth, the atmosphere here is very warm and positive. There is a true sense of respect, belonging and involvement at each level. Cipla does not believe in boundaries and there is always encouragement to learn and evolve. In the times of Covid, Cipla stood like a rock for its employees and took them under its wings, be it in terms of medicine availability, treatment availability or financial support.

Henna Ratra

SCM, Mumbai

Cipla Foundation

With Cipla Foundation, we envision and execute Cipla’s Corporate Social Responsibility. In the last year, we have reached out to over 2,20,000 individuals in the community across in Health, Education, Skilling and Disaster Response.


Support replicable and scalable models towards sustainable change.


Generate evidence, knowledge and skilled workforce in our chosen domains.

Disaster Management

Support to communities affected by disasters.


Sparking the curiosity for learning.