Cipla Global Access

Since its inception, Cipla’s ethos has been firmly rooted in the vision “None shall be denied”. The Company strongly believes that access to high quality, affordable medicines is a basic human right.

Cipla Global Access (C-GA) is a tender based institutional business that concentrates on four key therapy areas: HIV/AIDS, malaria, multi drug-resistant tuberculosis, and reproductive health.

Cipla has by far the highest number of ARV products approved for the treatment of both children and adults. In addition newer molecules in novel dosage forms (e.g. pellets) are being developed to help optimize dosage for the current regimens, for the treatment of children and also reduce the pill load, thereby offering better adherence and success of treatment. Cipla is adding new capacity for the growing demand for ARV products and expect the expansion to be completed in 2016-17. Cipla is one of the top Indian pharma companies and also one of the largest suppliers of antimalarial drugs in the world. This portfolio covered treatment for over 55 million malaria patients across all the affected countries. The coverage is increasing every year and thus saving millions of lives. Cipla anti-malarial treatment costs less than a dollar for the entire course. Cipla has always been at the forefront in initiatives to identify, develop, manufacture & supply low cost treatment with the artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACTs). All the ACTs supplied by Cipla are approved by WHO. Cipla is endeavoring to expand its portfolio. It will be expanded with more potent and safer antimalarials, using novel drug delivery systems.

Cipla has a strong second line (SLTB) portfolio for treating multidrug resistant TB (MDR TB). It is aggressively expanding its MDR TB portfolio to meet the challenges of resistance which develops among TB patients due to the high rate of dropout from treatment. Till now, Cipla’s SLTB drugs catered to a moderate patient base globally, but this is likely to increase significantly with the use of new diagnostic methods of detecting drug resistant TB. Future development in the MDR TB therapy area will be focused on newer molecules which can significantly reduce treatment timelines. Currently, Cipla services around 70 countries in this area.

Reproductive health and family planning segment is an emerging segment in which Cipla currently caters to over 300,000 patients worldwide. Cipla has aligned its strategy with international development initiatives to provide safe and effective contraceptive drugs for 120 million more women by 2020.

Cipla Global Access also provides medications for infections caused by helminths, schistosomiasis and kala azar, which pose major health threats in low and middle income countries (LMIC).